The Bossea Cave  it constitutes the terminal sector of a large karst system that develops in the Maudagna-Corsaglia watershed, between the Conca di Prato Nevoso and the Corsaglia stream, in the Municipality of Frabosa Soprana in the province of Cuneo at 836 m. share; among the most beautiful and important Italian tourist caves for variety of concretions, grandeur of environments, wealth of water and underground lakes and for the numerous remains paleontologicals that have been found there.

 The caves, accessible to visitors since 1874, are the oldest tourist caves in Italy, are about 2 kilometers long and have a height difference of 700 meters.

Very suggestive aspects characterize the touristic part of the cavity, creating scenographic effects of great aesthetic and environmental appeal. The imposing dimensions, the dizzying heights, the overhanging walls, the vast ceilings carved with sharp edges, the cliffs, the ravines, the cyclopean boulders precipitated from above constitute the prevailing aspects.

Inside the cave is located a small fauna, few specimens and very rare. The caves are in fact islands due to the geographical and geological barriers that separate a limestone massif from the other. Each cave is therefore a microcosm in itself. Inside the caves there are several unique living species that are not found anywhere else in the world.

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