Rich in vegetation, the Pesio Valley it stands out for the beauty and extension of the woods and for the variety of flora and fauna. Located in the province of Cuneo, in the heart of the Ligurian Alps, it is a border area, where snow-capped peaks and early Mediterranean influences coexist. It is dominated by Marguareis, the highest peak in the Ligurian Alps, whose massif is characterized by one of the most important karst systems in the western Alps.
At the foot of the Valley, about 15 km from the city of Cuneo, the Municipality of Chiusa di Pesio welcomes visitors in the characteristic historic center. From here you can start to follow cultural routes, food and wine tours and walks in the nearby woods, among archaeological finds, nineteenth-century hunting lodges, ruins of ancient fortifications, churches and country chapels.

Characterized by a historic center that preserves interesting palaces and religious buildings and by an ancient and consolidated artisan tradition, the town offers many opportunities to visit. Mirabello Castle with the Roman finds, the remains of the Church of Sant'Andrea, testimony of early Christianity, the Parish Church and the nineteenth-century neoclassical Mombrisone Castle.
There is a wide choice of museums with The Museum of Directed Glass and Crystal and Ceramics Factory of Chiusa, the Museum of the Resistance and the Michele Pellegrino Photographic Collection.

The city has been given the brand Orange flag of the TCI
“The locality is inserted in a naturalistic context of value and is distinguished by the value its historical and cultural sites; in particular, the presence of an element of great interest (the chartreuse) and the good one promotion of cultural and naturalistic resources. Efficient the tourist information service, with a clearly visible and signposted information point and numerous other functional information points. Good the communication of complementary services and number of information signs. "

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