Anna Maria Travel agent and traveler for many years, but nowhere has taken me away from Piedmont. My job is to welcome you to make you feel at home and make your stay comfortable and peaceful.

Ferdinando  - I have lived for work in different cities in Italy and spent a lot of time abroad, but Piedmont is home to me. I love cooking, experimenting with raw materials and playing with taste.

For some time we felt we could change our lives, to abandon ours comfort zone, stop imagining and take action. Our idea was basically simple, to live in the mountains.

The ruins of the Borgata were love at first sight. It is impossible to describe the feeling of magic and energy that they transmitted to us during the first unforgettable inspection. And this is how the adventure began: Baudinet welcomed us and bewitched us, and now here we are, very ready to welcome in our new home those who, like us and with us, want to enjoy the panorama, the beech woods, the silence… and also the good Piedmontese cuisine.


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