Here at the Baite we are surrounded by meadows and woods. The vegetation and the bright, starry skies keep us company on clear nights. Spending our existence in such an abundance of wonders makes us understand that we have so much to learn from the earth and the space that surrounds us.

We are therefore sure that you will be interested in the moments of deepening and knowledge to get closer, with respect, to nature and the vastness of the sky, so close at hand, and to discover some little secrets that will make us feel even more precious and friends.

Recognition and use of wild herbs: in the company of a Naturalist and Naturopath Guide who will teach us to “Go for herbs” and look at the habitats that surround us with a different and less distracted eye. The pleasure of getting something "natural" for a healthy and tasty diet.

Stars so close that it seems you can touch them: is a phrase that you may have heard or pronounced in an environment free from atmospheric and light pollution. This privilege is also revealed at the Baite and we use it to plan evenings and nights to look and learn the stars, in the company of Bisalta Amateur Astronomers Association and their equipment will really seem to touch them ...



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