Le ciaspole they are the perfect tool for walking safely in the uncontaminated winter landscape, they have the ancient flavor of the tradition of our ancestors who used them to avoid sinking into the deep snow when they went to check that everything was in order in their woods.

Just as great emotions and reconnection with nature are guaranteed in practicing ski mountaineering. Step by step you climb surrounded by beech trees and in clearings, the reward for this effort is fantastic views and a great feeling of freedom.

When winters are generous with snow you can then reach us and we will be happy to welcome you whether you use the more direct paths, or whether your intention is to work harder by engaging on longer routes.
HERE you can find some suggestions from the Cuneotrekking team.

If you love cross-country skiing, a short distance away you will find the well-equipped Marguareis di San Bartolomeo cross-country ski center https://www.vallepesioservizi.it/



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