It is said that if we were all silent for a moment, if we shut down all activities for a few minutes, we could definitely feel the Earth breathing. A hypothesis that is impossible to occur, as overwhelmed as we are by everyday life, habits and commitments.

For some time now, the awareness of the respect we owe to our Planet and that it is essential to learn to love it deeply and to accept the inseparable bond that binds us has become increasingly relevant.

We are fascinated by the techniques that come to us from countries historically inclined to meditation and reflection and with the help of the Naturopath Barbara Milanesio and his working group we organize meetings of:

  • Forest Bathing: is inspired by the Japanese practice (shinrin-yoku) of diving in the woods. This discipline teaches to benefit from apparently simple activities, such as a walk in the woods, breathing in the essences of trees and plants, from time to time invigorating or relaxing. According to studies conducted in Japan, forest bathing helps to increase the cells that are active in the defense of the immune system, can contribute to lowering blood pressure and heartbeat, decreases the sensation of stress and relieves depressive states.
  • Nordic walking: Discipline born in Scandinavian countries as summer-autumn training for cross-country athletes, today it is establishing itself all over the world as a complete sport practice, as it implies the use of the whole body, including the mind. In fact, this practice allows you to deeply harmonize the body with breathing and mind: it is a training in coordination, correct breathing, perception of your body and movement and, when you do it naturally, you enter a sort of meditation and concentration that allows us to act even at deeper levels, bringing us great well-being.




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